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Divorce Lawyer in Tel Aviv

The emotional state you are in now is very difficult, trying to understand that you are not going to live longer with this person you thought forever

Even if it is your choice to end the relationship, even if you are very angry now and want him to pay for what he did or did not do.
A divorce lawyer in Bnei Brak, Israel Paz & Co. will give you the most correct, most sensitive, and most professional response.
First of all, we will understand what you are asking for, we will tell you what your options are, and guide you to what we think is worthwhile.

We will be happy to be at your service

A divorce lawyer in Tel Aviv Israel Paz, Reuven & Co. will handle your case as if it were their family affair in terms of proximity but still objective

You can not judge a person in his pain, that’s exactly what they will do in Israel Paz and Co., because they are experienced enough to know that what you are asking for should be filtered.
We will take you hand in hand and try not to hurt anything in a way that can cost you much more money in the near future.
A person who is looking for a family lawyer, usually in a charged emotional state,
Even if it is a financial agreement that produces an unpleasant feeling.
When an office does not specialize in the field you are seeking, you may find yourself in dire situations only because of bureaucracy.

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