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Real Estate Attorney in Ramat Gan

It is most important to choose a  real estate lawyer in Ramat Gan with rich experience

No matter if you want to buy an apartment or sell it, buy directly from the contractor
Or enter TAMA 38 together with all the tenants, do not forget a real estate lawyer in Ramat Gan.
Only a lawyer specializing in the field can give you a quiet head and what is more important to save you a lot of aggravation and of course money, the small lines have meaning.

What is important to pay attention to and determine who will be your lawyer?


The  Paz & Co. law firm has accumulated extensive experience with the authorities and in the civil fields
And commercial, with an emphasis on real estate.

We will be happy to be at your service

Including inheritance and estates, labor law, social security, torts, road accidents and more.
A real estate lawyer in Ramat Gan it can not be someone else from the Israel Paz office, the importance of experience
Facing the authorities can tip the scales from right to left.
The firm is a boutiques, has accumulated a lot of experience in accompanying real estate transactions, sales transactions and real estate acquisition, combination transactions, purchasing groups, representation of contractors.
A real estate lawyer in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. we also specializes in building reinforcement, construction clearance, and commercial and civil matters, with an emphasis on commercial contracts and financial agreements. 

 Need legal assistance of a lawyer ?  Need lawyer that specializing in representation of foreign clients in Israel?


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