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Experts in the fields of civil and commercial:
Bankruptcy Family | Real Estate and Commercial Contracts
Copyright | Drafting Agreements Companies and Associations traffic

The law firm of Paz, Reuven & Co. is a boutique law firm that has gained over the years extensive experience in representing clients in a variety of areas of law, with an emphasis on civil, real estate, commercial, agreements, family, copyright, company support and more.
Our office is accessible and provides regular advice to a number of companies and associations, and our regular clients include individuals and business owners.

Our office provides a comprehensive and comprehensive individual service tailored to the needs of each client while providing creative and available solutions. For companies and individuals, representation before the various authorities, in courts, committees, arbitration and mediation proceedings. We provide services to a wide customer base, which includes international corporations, public companies, developing companies, groups and individuals, with each client receiving personal and professional care at the highest level.

Central Branch (Tel Aviv)

Yigal Alon 94, Alon Towers 2

Jerusalem branch

Hillel 23

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Areas of practice of the firm

Real estate

Real estate claims, construction defects, purchase agreements and more ...


Trademarks and Copyright Claims

Drafting agreements

Site Terms, Application Terms, Sales Agreements, Terms of Use Agreement, Financial Agreements and more ...

Companies and associations

Opening of companies and associations, legal support and advice


Execution, debt write-offs and bankruptcies


Full advice, representation and accompaniment

Guidelines as a top value

Fast and professional service

We provide professional and efficient service to our customers.
At the forefront of our minds is placing the best interests of the customer while emphasizing personal treatment and prompt response. Our firm provides service based on in-depth knowledge of the client and in full coordination with him, while presenting all the legal consequences in order to maximize the desired result and save the client time and unnecessary expenses in the future.

Fairness and transparency

Our firm has engraved on its banner decency and transparency, while striving for excellence. The relationship of trust is a key element in the work of our firm. It is important to us that you be our customers but not at the cost of baseless promises. Our firm will make every effort to achieve the desired result while treating and caring for each client as if he were the only client.

A formula of success

The law firm of Paz, Reuven & Co. is a boutique law firm dealing in the civil and commercial field, the firm provides a variety of legal services with an emphasis on real estate and family law. Our firm provides a personal, professional and fair treatment to every client. Your success - is our success and therefore we are committed to working for the personal success of each customer.

Seniority and experience

The law firm of Paz, Reuven & Co. is a dynamic and high-quality law firm in the center of the country, which has gained a great deal of experience with the various authorities and deals in the civil and commercial field in all its shades, with an emphasis on:
Family law, including inheritances and estates, real estate, execution, labor law, corporations and civil and commercial litigation.

“We have a big rule that no legal system can make a living from the body of the law alone. The body of the judiciary needs a soul, and some even need an extra soul. "

Menachem Elazar Elon - Professor of Law, served as a judge of the Supreme Court

Do you have a legal question? Need urgent advice?

With us you will receive an initial consultation at no cost, fill in your details:

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